A Healthy Way to Shedd Off the Extra Pounds: Walking

posted on 02 Dec 2012 07:46 by nflauthenticjerseys

As soon as you resolve to shed off some pounds, you need to create an exercise plan. Maybe haven't worked out in the past, or at least not lately. Although it can seem overwhelming, you can work your way into an exercise program gradually by walking. You need to incorporate walking into your exercise program if you haven't already done so.

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There are lots of ways to fit walking into your everyday routine. You may want to take your pet for a 10-minute stroll around the neighborhood. A minimum of 10 minutes daily may not look like a lot of time spent walking until you realize that it equals to 70 minutes over the course of a week. You can multiply it by two if you walk your dog two times a day. Consider walking to your office if you live somewhat close to it. However, if you live a two hour walk from your work place, it's not such a great idea to walk there daily (but feel free to try if you believe you can do it!). It's not unreasonable to walk to get to your office and it will give you one hour of exercise each day going back and forth. If you ride the bus to work, consider walking to the next bus stop and add some exercise to your day. Walking isn't difficult to add to your daily schedule.

Your body and generalwhole health will be wonderfully improved by walking. As walking is a form of cardiovascular exercise, you'll burn up calories, which means you'll lose weight and it's also wonderful for your heart. Walking is ordinarily slow placed so you won't be putting stress on your joints too much, unlike running. My brother is very lean (but he consumes a good deal of junk food) and I ask him how he does it. He tells me he doesn't know, but he did tell me that he does a lot of walking every day. As soon as he mentioned that, I understood better. Walking is an easy phyical activity so you should find no reason to not bother.


If you can stick to a walking routine everyday, it will come naturally to you and you'll be able to slim down. When you walk regularly, you'll discover that you feel more fit and are motivated to go on walking every day. You can up the intensity of your walking as you grow used to walking on a regular basis. There's no reason not to try it if you feel comfortable with that. Go faster when you walk and, if you keen, jog for short distances. After this, you may want to move on to more difficult activities.

It's not easy to find excuses for not going on a walk for short distances every day. No matter how busy you are, you should be able to make time for a short walk in your neighborhood or drop by your gym for a short session on the treadmill.